Brotherhood Of The Snake

The Brotherhood of the Snake is an alleged cult that has been linked to nefarious activity in the Mohawk Valley since the beginning of recorded history. The theory about the Brotherhood of The Snake is that are the direct descendants of an alien species of being and the byproduct of interbreeding species.

They are believed to be living among us, in places of power.

They are the wealthy, elite, the media and those in control of our bodies, minds and souls.

Various Theories on the Brotherhood of The Snake:

  • Have been linked to the Illuminati conspiracy theory.
  • Have been linked to the Ancient Alien theory of the Annunaki (Reptilian Overlords).
  • Have been linked to NASA
  • Have been linked to former members of Hitler’s Nazi party
  • Have been linked to Griffiss Air Force Base, the Mohawk Valley and Little FallsMoss Island
  • Have been linked to Native American folklore

There exists an organization that claims to be the REAL Brotherhood of the Snake.

Whether they are real still remains to be determined. But their markings are apparent.



We make war, we make peace but everything one day will cease.

There is one power that destiny cannot overtake.

We are the Brotherhood of the Snake.